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This collection of writing include posts I wrote all fired up or beyond burnt out. It also includes LinkedIn posts, blog posts, ad articles showing why we may just need to burn it all down and starting over.
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This collection of writing includes things I wrote all fired up or beyond burnt out. Whether it's a LinkedIn post, blog post, or article, you'll see why we may just need to burn it all down and start over.

I'm in the process of migrating my published pieces from medium (as well as here, and probably here) to create one giant bonfire of content.
Breath of Fire. Burn the Air. Write About It, If You Dare.
At times, I’ve felt like I was suffocating until I wrote the first few thousand words. Writing is my “in case of emergency break glass” box—but there’s always an emergency, so shattered glass is a given.

Why I write: I don't let the rage or fire consume me.

The Powers That Be Can Take a Hike
What to give when the Patriarchy takes your last f*ck. The Powers That Be knocked the wind out of me Don’t you wonder sometimes if we’ll ever be free? Men claim they’re the answer to build our world better. After stealing the goods—they did so unfettered.

The Powers That Be knocked the wind out of me, so I wrote another poem to say f*ck the patriarchy.

If Necessity is the Mother of Invention, Who *Needs* to Reinvent Our Social Safety Net?
White women keep missing the fucking memo. As I continued to research the provenance of “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” I learned more than the proverb’s origin. White European men fabricated modern motherhood on a flawed premise. We cannot do the same; we need intersectionality, too.

Time for a reinvention of modern motherhood, especially for Black moms.

A day late, a blog post short: What to blame my InfoDump delay on now?
I had hoped my brain fog and lack of energy would have released me from this type A notion that I could in fact write THE perfect post to start this blog. Instead, I lamented that I did it again, like last January, when I launched FLOWLab⁵...that I made a bit off more than I could chew and did it to…

My Premier Post and I'm already burnt out.

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