About InfoDumpster Fire

About InfoDumpster Fire

Welcome. This is MY place to infodump. You are here because you signed up for the Hot List or I adore you (or both). You can unsubscribe to InfoDumpster Fire anytime...but 10/10 would recommend you stick around.

InfoDumpster Fire: All the crap that's fit to post, in a post.

I need a place to park my thoughts, and separate my disparate, polymath ideas and interests from "work." Without character limits, no fighting algorithms, no changing what I want to say to be seen by the feed. Whatever I can fit, fits. A place to post, all my own.

What is the HELL is this?

You want me to sign up for ANOTHER list? Yes, stick with me for a second. Is this The Hot List? Sort of, but more like my very own hot mess.

Looking for a new hyperfixation? Looking to laugh or cry? Looking for some well researched information that connects all the disparate dots?

Infodumpster Fire is the inbox fix for you.

Dumpster with a fire, cartoon smiling floating down the river- yellow sign "What is even happening?"

Hello my ND friends...

If you're here you probably liked something I shouted about on some other platform. Maybe you saw an ND posts or the Special ND Hot List. Over here, when I rant, the data is all mine! Welcome!

If you are looking for a collection of links to read, rants to feel seen, and content to consume, you've come to the right place. (Well, sort of. The "right" place is probably not here but in another "window" or room, doing that thing you were supposed to be doing...Wait! What was that really important thing? Nevermind, you're here now.)

ADHD-ers like me "wing it" well. What we don't do, put stuff out that's unpolished. BUT that prevents disseminating a lot of it getting to you. This list is just from me to you. Super informative, no filter, and a bit like you went on a ride down a steep hill with a dupont-covered saucer.

Clark on the Sled in the movie Christmas Vacation

In the end you may think, "Well that was terrifying...Again, again! More, more!" IYKYK. If not, watch this.

Do you like to learn everything there is about A thing? Well, if you're me, you want to learn ALL there is about ALL THE THINGS. Maybe you love to learn ALL but you hate internet spelunking. Consider me your www. head lamp.

Sign up now and receive irregular surprising rants, raves, and occasionally memes. Already signed up on coflowco.com or the Hot List? You're good to go! Opt out anytime!

Who is this for?

  • You're just discovering your neurodivergent and need more, IT ME! moments.
  • You love content, but aren't a creator...Or you think you are, but just can't admit it yet.
  • You hate digging but love deep dives.
  • You like my voice or want access to more of my nonstop brain and internet spelunking.
  • Me. This is really for me, because I am too precious about content and have way too much info to sit on. I also have some hypocrisy to expose, but don't want to tangle that up with the Collective.

Infodumpster fire is my place to word vom. To use abbrevs without apologies. To rant and rave without giving ALL my content (and $) to Tech Bros. (Ghost is a nonprofit, committed to Open Source data and access to publishing for all!)

If THE HOT LIST is occasionally NSFW, InfoDumpster Fire will have full on swears. No B.$. Just the shit.

Make requests for topics which I will promptly forget because I have already switched tabs. Tell me what you want to read; I plan to ignore that too because...this one's for me y'all! Like writer, blogger, rad human Jessica Jahns said, sometimes you gotta just write when the dumpster fire is hot. For me, that's 24/7.

How often will I release a new, deep, dumpster dive? How about, ummmm, semi-irregularly? Too vague? Let's aim for monthly and go from there, shall we?

How is this different than The HOT LIST? Great question. We'll worry about that later. Let's say it's a bit more narrative and way more sarcastic. And it's an evolution and iteration, because👋🏻–I'm a creative.

Want more specifics? "Yes and No," you say? Deets, but quickly because there's no time to waste. Don't worry, I get it. I want to nap, but I have things to get off my chest, my neurodivergent brain, and my heart.

The world is a dumpster fire, and we have naps to take.

I'm still in the process of migrating my published pieces from medium (as well as here, and probably here) to create one giant bonfire of content.

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Why? Because I love supporting writers, don't you? Also, because you're too tired to dig for the goods, and I already did it for you.

Read the first 5 Preview Issues of The HOT LIST here.

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