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The Powers That Be Can Take a Hike

The Powers That Be knocked the wind out of me, so I wrote another poem to say f*ck the patriarchy.
Image of wall with pink neon sign. All lowercase "don't just take, give."
Photo by Samuel Regan Asante on Unsplash

What to give when the Patriarchy takes your last fuck.

The Powers That Be knocked the wind out of me
Don't you wonder sometimes if we'll ever be free?
Men claim they’re the answer to build our world better.
After stealing the goods—they did so unfettered.

They take our attention and rage with a shrug
Then text us to donate for “Maybe, a hug”?!
It’s tempting to wager to get in their face,
to shout “What the fuck?! We are one human race!”
To give our last 20 would be such a waste.
Is this all there is—democratic disgrace?

A world where the privilege of shaking a hand
is a dinner that costs at least 100 grand?!
What more can they take from our head or our heart?
The Patriarchy takes till we all fall apart.

The Powers That Be took more than their lot.
They took all our love; then they take one more shot.
They take down our posts. They censor Black women.
They take up the case to support capitalism.

They put up more barriers, Election Day roadblocks.
They took all the funding and gave only hard knocks.
They took every ballot, then took all our bodies.
They took time to count up, took poor people’s money.

They canceled our tax credits, gave poverty back,
But Affirmative Action, they just had to retract.
They take all our stories, but cherry picked books
To put on the bonfire, while Democracy cooks.

They took Christine’s testimony—they’d “listen” to her,
Then took yet another Supreme Court frat-predator.
They called Greta a crackpot. Called AOC “bitch.”
And straight up ignored Mari and Flint.

They took her athleticism, used Simone for her Vault.
But ignored all reports of the “sexual assaults.”
It wasn’t until these women pressed on with such grace
The feds finally said “Sorry. We fucked up the case.”

They took all the credit, as if they got the win.
Goddamn how they cheat us—it makes my head spin.
They don’t just take bodies, or lifetimes of labor.
They take lobby money, while we risk more danger.

They take from the gun makers, and more from the PACs.
They take children’s lives that no prayers will bring back.
140 Ultra Rich took PPP “loans.”
Instead of these “grants,” half our businesses closed.

They take ALL our money — cash, crypto and credit — 
but to pay for the wars? They just add to the deficit.
The 1% hold all the wealth in both fists.
But still cannot tell me why Billionaires should exist.

They signed giving pledges, yet continue to take
more profits, more dividends. Then a bonus tax break.
Even as we take the hits as they come
It’s us—human givers—who see what's been done.

We give all our info, our time, and our love.
We need to be heard, not your prayers from above.
We’re sick of them taking, without our consent.
We want to sleep well, safe and sound and content.

The Powers That Be say “Well, we never asked,”
as we give through our pain, till our very last gasps.
Their violence and terror take old souls and old cities.
Instead of it ending, they start killing babies.

They gaslight and lie—tell us “We’re almost done.”
We know the truth—they want everything gone.
Let them try to attack us; to silence our story.
It's no longer time for their false faded glory.

While they take, we will give with our hearts and community.
We're repairing the world—no more war with impunity.
Keep speaking and marching and posting all night.
To despair isn't fair to those deep in the fight.

This is not the end; we have barely begun.
What we're doing is working; go and love, everyone.
We have all we need to get earth right on track.
Don’t worry my loves, we all have your back.