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There is right; they’re just wrong: We the People demand freedom.

A series of rants on human rights, freedom, and the need to save all the worlds.
There is right; they’re just wrong: We the People demand freedom.
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Poverty is not a crime.
Inflicting it should be.

Protesting should not be denigrated and freedom fighters should not be incarcerated. They should be celebrated.

Being physically or mentally disabled, neurodivergent does not mean someone’s defective. They are human.

Identifying as part of the LGBTQIA2S+ community or a person in the Global Majority should not be a death sentence.

Practicing a different religion from your country’s religious majority should not make you a target.

Assigned or perceived gender should not determine your lifetime earnings or access to healthcare.

Being a child does not mean you cannot advocate for yourself nor should it mean your will is dismissed. Calling someone willful shouldn't be an insult; we're all full of the will to live.

Consent matters. Content, less so.

I would rather see justice.

I would rather invest in saving and feeding people, not arming them.

I would rather invest in radical care than radical protectionism.

I would rather give my last breath to speaking out against inequality and injustice than breathe easy on a beach vacay.

I would rather love on my people than hate on any of yours. (I don’t see us vs. them or me vs. you, anyway.)

I would rather be restless from worry than sleep in blissful ignorance—while bad things happen that I ignored.

I would rather risk losing a paid contract if it means someone else may not lose their home.

I would rather risk a shadow ban or social media ban if it meant no more journalists were killed, and Al Jazeera is wasn’t banned.

I would rather my country work on banning guns and keeping schools safer by allowing ALL the books.

I would rather my elected officials actually did their job to govern based on the wishes of the majority, not the lobbyists.

I would rather my taxes were invested in people than pretty much anything happening in Gaza/ the West bank, Yemen, Sudan, DRC, Syria, Ukraine, et al.

I would rather see Jewish friends arrested for standing up for their beliefs, than anyone using Judaism to justify violence. (I don’t want anyone arrested for their beliefs—only fascists arrest peaceful protesters.)

I would rather celebrate my way than be forced to fit some western hegemonic ideal of what a “happy holiday” looks like.

What I really want…

I don't want to talk about the war in Palestine/Israel or Sudan...I would be content to never see another post about illegal organ harvesting.

I want to be able to focus on the wars at home. The war on the poor, the disabled, the birth-abled, and trans people. The war on caregivers and gig workers and the climate. I want the U.S. to fund healthcare, not hedge funds that hold coffers for weapons.

I don't want my government criminalizing our reproductive organs, endanger the lives of countless pregnant people while they allow felons to run for POTUS. Our kids deserve universal access to birth control and a access to a fair and free press.

I want people to stop telling me there are “casualties of war” and start talking about the ridiculous and absurdity of war.

I do not want to hear any justification from anyone ever about how “we got ‘em” or how this is proportional.

I do not want to hear how “they are allowed to protect themselves” or how you can murder anyone by claiming they use their own people as a shield.

Protection ≠ Aggression

Protection = Safety

Safety requires softness, love, and care.

Bodyguards and Secret Service aren’t armed to the teeth, blazing their way through crowds for their valuable client or politician. They’re stealth and kind and respectful.

When life has value, you keep the violence as far from you as possible, and from anyone, really. Think about what it means to massacre the many to rescue the the few.

There is no excuse to bomb anything, or anyone, what is ostensibly supposed to be a rescue operation. There’s absolutely no way bombs and bullets would ever help a rescue mission better or easier or guarantee success more than through careful diplomacy and a ceasefire.

I don't mean just this weekend; I mean the past 8 months.

Do they think we’re stupid? Are they that blinded by hate they can't see that WE SEE IT ALL?

I need to see Biden to show some humility and honesty—say we effed up, but this ends now. Say, I see it too. It's undeniable. I would rather he tell Netanyahu where to stick it than to continue this obscene charade.

We're not telling anyone who feels harmed "Don’t be mad." We don't gaslight or dismiss. We affirm. You can be scare, but fear is not the way to make political or foreign policy decisions.

We’re saying “Care more!” Care enough so that you can’t possibly see another person needlessly suffer.

Every life is a world. In Judaism, the law that supersedes ALL others–pikuach nefesh–Save A life.

We say that losing one person, we lose an entire world.

They can't trade the milky way for 1 planet.
That's not their call to make. Call your reps again.

Tell them to demand a ceasefire already, for 🦊 sake.

Believe your eyes, ears, gut, heart, head, and intuition.

You know what the actions of an aggressor looks like.
You know what care looks like.

Who is showing evidence of a massacre for PR?
Who is showing an ongoing one while begging for aid and safety?

Who bombs Bethlehem on Christmas?
Who feeds the poor, embraces everyone, and cries for safety?

Who says an eye for an eye?
Who says tear down the walls?

Who says show me the tunnels?
Who says show me where it hurts?

I am making a point that’s not up for discussion.
I don’t debate human rights.

I would rather sleep soundly knowing I did everything in my power to expose the truth, to educate and inform others, and to protect the vulnerable from further harm...

...than be told in order to sleep safely, 50,000 people must die. What a goddamn lie. I wouldn’t accept that for even 1 person, would you?

I am not overreacting or overly emotional. I am pissed and rightfully so. I’m not defensive.
I’m defending the galaxy–to save all the worlds. And you should be, too.