Writing on the Israel/Palestine separation wall with graffiti

Missions Matter; Mass Media Does Too: Protect our Right to a Free Press

To ensure the stories in illegal, occupied areas are shown in a good light, Empires stop at nothing and use The Force for evil. We the People aren't buying it.
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Budgets and Tears: The Salty State of Our Union

The outrage from "radical lefties" should not be a shock. The U.S. treasury funds mass atrocities and fuels mass inequality.The suffering and struggles of millions as a result is equally undeniable.
12 min read
Breath of Fire. Burn the Air. Write About It,  If You Dare.

Breath of Fire. Burn the Air. Write About It, If You Dare.

At times, I’ve felt like I was suffocating until I wrote the first few thousand words. Writing is my “in case of emergency break glass” box—but there’s always an emergency, so shattered glass is a given.
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Censure This, Bro.

The U.S. has it all backwards. One of our most precious American "rights" is that of "Free Speech." While they claim it's universal, we know it's actually quite conditional. Case in point: Rep. Rashida Tlaib was censured tonight.
4 min read
The Hot List: Reframing Abortion Edition

The Hot List: Reframing Abortion Edition

Read the cliffnotes below, watch the clips, and take some action. Most of all, reframe how you talk about Abortion (and gender, and reproductive healthcare). Words matter.
12 min read