The Hot List: Reframing Abortion Edition

The Hot List: Reframing Abortion Edition

Read the cliffnotes below, watch the clips, and take some action. Most of all, reframe how you talk about Abortion (and gender, and reproductive healthcare). Words matter.
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Blue gradient with fist in water tank; fist is lit up bright red.

Why should anyone targeted by violent people calm down? Let's get real.

People in power positions: don't miss this memo. I have seen a lot of debate amongst well meaning
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Red metal fire extinguisher on green pastel wall.

If Necessity is the Mother of Invention, Who *Needs* to Reinvent Our Social Safety Net?

White women keep missing the fucking memo. As I continued to research the provenance of "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" I learned more than the proverb's origin. White European men fabricated modern motherhood on a flawed premise. We cannot do the same; we need intersectionality, too.
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